“A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time"

- Patrick Geddes

The Spacefighter initiative is an international urbanistic architecture practise - but architecture has little to do with houses for us, its about social and psychological spaces that enable communities to thrive. The speed and scale at wich our designed environment is changing calls for new methods in urban design and spacial planning and holistic, interdiscipinary approaches. The answer to a dysfunctional neigbourhood might be everything from a new library or kindergarden to a big-data driven parametrical masterplan or an augmented reality app! We fight for better spaces, be it in informal settelments or century-old cities. Questioning the given is the starting point for the new. We are still firing up our engines and getting the crew together so feel free to approach us if you want to join the cause or know of spaces that need fighting for!